Ehsan Pashajavid

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This paper proposes a stochastic approach based on Monte Carlo simulation to derive the load demand of a fleet of domestic commuter plug-in electric vehicles. At first, appropriate non-Gaussian probability density functions are fitted to the employed datasets to generate random samples required in the Monte Carlo simulation. The datasets include home(More)
A practical concern with implementing the fixed band hysteresis current control in active power filters (APF) is its variable switching pattern that results in increasing the risk of occurrence of resonance in power systems. To avoid this situation, adaptive hysteresis current control methods with the variable hysteresis bands have been recommended in(More)
A minimization problem for the instantaneous active and reactive currents give the optimal solution for the three-wire three-phase systems. This basic solution is simple to implement, but posing practical issues when it is applied to a four-wire three-phase system. The generalized theory of instantaneous powers has been proposed as an alternative to the(More)
In this paper, a new combination is proposed to control shunt active power filters (APF). The recommended system has better specifications in comparison with other control methods. In the proposed combination, an RBF neural network is employed to extract compensation reference currents for a variable non-linear load. In order to make the employed model much(More)
This paper develops a multivariate probabilistic framework for PEV load modelling to be embedded in system planning problems. In order to successfully integrate the uncertainty attributes of the PEVs in the probabilistic planning issues, relevant vehicular load scenarios is provided through appropriate synthetic data. A student's t copula distribution(More)
This paper proposes efficient and comprehensive design procedures of single-tuned and C-type passive harmonic filters; besides, a new topology is suggested for low power applications. To further examine the design procedures of such filter topologies, various practical conditions are investigated. Moreover, both the network and the load obligations are(More)
Analytical assessment of the successful neutral current cancellation methods is the main goal of this paper. Furthermore, proposing a generalized time-domain method is pursued in order to achieve full cancellation of the source-end neutral current under unbalanced and distorted load voltage waveforms. The suggested technique makes it clear that any(More)
Direct torque control (DTC) of an induction motor is a relatively simple scheme making rapid computations while requiring no speed sensors. It indicates low sensitivity to parameter variations as well. Accordingly, it has become a promising alternative to the classic vector control methods. This paper reports an experimental implementation of a DTC scheme.(More)
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