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OBJECTIVES Many cancer cells show significant resistance to drugs that kill drug sensitive cancer cells and non-tumor cells and such resistance might be a consequence of the difference in metabolism. Therefore, studying the metabolism of drug resistant cancer cells and comparison with drug sensitive and normal cell lines is the objective of this research.(More)
Zymomonas mobilis is an ethanologenic bacterium and is known to be an example microorganism with energy-uncoupled growth. A genome-scale metabolic model could be applicable for understanding the characteristics of Z. mobilis with rapid catabolism and inefficient energy conversion. In this study, a charge balanced genome-scale metabolic model (iEM439) of Z.(More)
Development of an interface tool between the Biochemical, Genetic and Genomic (BiGG) and KEGG databases is necessary for simultaneous access to the features of both databases. For this purpose, we present the BiKEGG toolbox, an open source COBRA toolbox extension providing a set of functions to infer the reaction correspondences between the KEGG reaction(More)
Motivation Integration of different biological networks and data-types has been a major challenge in systems biology. The present study introduces the transcriptional regulated flux balance analysis (TRFBA) algorithm that integrates transcriptional regulatory and metabolic models using a set of expression data for various perturbations. Results TRFBA(More)
OBJECTIVES If screening to find effective drugs is possible, the inhibition of proliferation using existing drugs can be a practical strategy to control the drug resistance of cancer. Development of a system-oriented strategy to find effective drugs was the main aim of this research. MATERIALS AND METHODS An algorithm (transcriptional regulated flux(More)
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