Ehsan Moeen Taghavi

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In this paper, a two step secure spectrum sensing algorithm is proposed for cognitive radio networks. In this algorithm, the sensing results of secondary users are pre-filtered and applying fuzzy logic, so, the overall sensing performance of the network is improved. To determine pre-filter parameters, statistical parameters of the sensing results are used(More)
In this paper, an energy efficient coding scheme for the multiple access relay channel at a fixed desired sum rate is analyzed. We first introduce a coding scheme, then, derive an optimal set of power allocation, which minimizes the network energy consumption while maintaining a desired sum rate. The results show that this scheme significantly outperforms(More)
In this paper we obtain capacity region for discrete memoryless 2-receiver less noisy broadcast channel when channel state is known only at the receivers, then; this region is possibly extended to discrete time and continuous alphabet fading Gaus­sian 2-receiver less noisy broadcast channel and ergodic capacity of this fading channel is obtained.
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