Ehsan Kamrani

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The status of two poorly known fiddler crabs, Uca iranica Pretzmann, 1971, from the Persian Gulf, and U. albimana (Kossmann, 1877), from the Red Sea, was studied using two mitochondrial genes: the large subunit (16S) ribosomal (r)RNA and cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI). A molecular phylogeny shows both U. iranica and U. albimana to be members of a(More)
The fiddler crab Uca sindensis (Alcock, 1900) (Crustacea: Brachyura: Ocypodidae) is distributed in the northern coasts of the Arabian Sea (Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait). Its typical habitat is on high intertidal areas with higher salinity, which might restrict its distribution, especially within the Persian Gulf. The purpose of the present(More)
A novel luciferase from Benthosema pterotum, collected from Port of Jask, close to Persian Gulf, was purified for the first time, using Q-Sepharose anion exchange chromatography. The molecular mass of the novel enzyme, measured by SDS-PAGE technique, was about 27 kDa and its Km value is 0.4 μM; both values are similar to those of other coelenterazine(More)
BACKGROUND The widespread use of chemical insecticides, resistance in vectors and environmental problems, all have led to an increased interest in the use of biological agents in malaria control programs. The most important functional elements are the native fish. The aim of this study was to identify the native species of lavivorous fish in Rudan County,(More)
A host-parasite relationship was observed, for the first time, between a piscicolid leech and a species of amphibious goby (Scartelaos tenuis) from an intertidal mud flat in southern Iran. Morphological and molecular investigations assign the leech to Zeylanicobdella arugamensis. Of the 3 endemic and sympatric mudskipper species living in the Persian Gulf(More)
Internet-based teleoperation employs robots and internet a two breakthrough technologies to manipulate robots from distance for different applications. Variable and unknown time delay dynamics of internet is the main obstacle for realtime teleoperation via internet. In this paper the internet delay dynamics and its characteristics have been studied based on(More)
Aphanius Nardo, 1827 (Actinopterygii, Cyprinodontidae) is a widely distributed genus in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf area and includes several endangered species. The otolith morphology in Aphanius is known to represent a valuable tool for the taxonomy, and is also indicative for the genetic diversity of a particular population. The present study(More)
This paper introduces a stochastic hemodynamic system to describe the brain neural activity based on the balloon model. A continuous-discrete extended Kalman filter is used to estimate the nonlinear model states. The stability, controllability and observability of the proposed model are described based on the simulation and measurement data analysis. The(More)
Robotics and Internet industry can be considered as one of the most important specification of the technology improvement today. Here, we introduce the remote operational systems as a new improving and great technology which is the result of technology improvement in both fields and we have tried to study the emerge of it and review the various application(More)
The ability of marine organism to cope with oxidative stress is one of the main factors that influence its survival in the marine environment, when senescence conditions prevail. The antioxidative defense system includes enzymatic and non-enzymatic components. Among the enzymatic system, superoxide dismutases are the first and most important of the(More)