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Sperm whales feed primarily on squid and often have to find their food at depths between 1000 and 2000 meters. To do this they require sophisticated buoyancy regulation. It has been known for some time that they achieve long-term buoyancy regulation by altering the temperature of their spermaceti organ, located in the enlarged snout. In a large male this(More)
This paper demonstrates a new method in sampling environmental variables and underwater currents using special devices with a particular technique. The project involves developing a set of robots as the tools for data collection, and developing a system that can interpret the data collected. The ‘ocean’ currents can be mapped using a flock of robots by(More)
SciSys has been involved in the development of Planetary Aerobots (arial robots) funded by the European Space Agency for use on Mars and has developed image-based localisation technology as part of the activity. However, it is possible to use Aerobots in a different environment to investigate issues regarding robotics behaviour, such as data handling,(More)
SciSys,,, Clothier Road, Bristol BS4 5SS, UK TEL: +44 (117) 9717251, FAX: +44 (117) 9721846 SEA Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd, Beckington Castle, Castle Corner, Beckington, Frome BA11 6TB, UK, TEL: +44 (1373) 852120, FAX: +44 (1373)(More)
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