Ehsan Heidari

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Minimization of the number of cluster heads in a wireless sensor network is a very important problem to reduce channel contention and to improve the efficiency of the algorithm when executed at the level of cluster-heads. In this paper, we propose an efficient method based on genetic algorithms (GAs) to solve a sensor network optimization problem. Long(More)
A brain computer interface (BCI) enables direct communication between a brain and a computer translating brain activity into computer commands using preprocessing, feature extraction and classification operations. Classification is crucial as it has a substantial effect on the BCI speed and bit rate. Recent developments of brain–computer interfaces (BCIs)(More)
Key performance characteristics of BCI systems are speed (i.e., how long it takes to make a selection) and precision (i.e., how often the executed selection is the one the user intended). Current systems allow for one selection within several seconds at a relatively high accuracy. Expressed in bit rate, which combines both speed and accuracy, the sustained(More)
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