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Researchers have conducted considerable experiments on the effectiveness and therapeutic values of Chinese herbs and parts of plants. We should not ignore the significance of natural medicine. The Chinese have been perfecting medicinal therapy based on the raw ingredients of plants/herbs and their derivatives for thousands of years. Chinese practitioners of(More)
Because of the frequent side effects found with oral bromocriptine, we created two formulas of vaginal bromocriptine suppositories to compare with vaginal application of bromocriptine tablets. The formula containing bromocriptine and a releasing agent (Pluronic F127) showed an increased dissolution rate, 39-fold greater than that of the pure drug alone, and(More)
Adult male rats were treated with 1% and 5% Panax Ginseng in their diet for 60 days. Control rats were used. There was an increase in daily food consumption without an increase in body weight of treated animals. Rats that received 5% ginseng experienced a significant increase in blood testosterone level (rho less than 0.001). Prostate weight in the treated(More)
Biopsies of human ovaries from functional and nonfunctional polycystic ovary patients 24 to 56 years of age were processed by critical point drying and viewed by scanning electron microscopy. The superficial epithelium was characterized by polyhedral-shaped cells with abundant evenly distributed apical microvilli with some intercellular connection and(More)