Ehsan Ghasemi

Hadis Boroun1
Mansour Dakhilalian1
Mansoor Rismanchian1
Hamid Badrian1
1Hadis Boroun
1Mansour Dakhilalian
1Mansoor Rismanchian
1Hamid Badrian
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BACKGROUND HIV, HBV and HCV is major public health concerns. Because of shared routes of transmission, HIV-HCV coinfection and HIV-HBV coinfection are common. HIV-positive individuals are at risk of coinfection with HBV and HCV infections. The prevalence rates of coinfection with HBV and HCV in HIV-patients have been variable worldwide depending on the(More)
Proper stress distribution on dental implants is necessary in bar-retained implant overlay dentures. We aimed to comparatively assess this stress distribution according to different bar heights using finite element models. A three-dimensional (3D) computer model of mandible with 2 implants (ITI, 4.1 mm diameter and 12 mm length) in canine areas and an(More)
Introduction. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of three different types of disinfectant agents on alginate impression material after 5 and 10 minutes. Method and Materials. In this in vitro experimental study, 66 circular samples of alginate impression material were contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and(More)
Due to rapidly expanding data size, there is increasing need for scalable, high-performance, and low-energy frameworks for large- scale data computation. We build a dataflow architecture that harnesses FPGA resources within a distributed analytics platform creating a heterogeneous data analytics framework. This approach leverages the scalability of existing(More)
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