Ehsan Dadrasnia

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Optical wireless communication systems supply high data rate for bandwidth communication applications. Free space optical can be a new solution for these communication system and next generation networks. However, weather effects and atmospheric attenuation decrease the optical link visibility and wavelength transmissivity. This paper shows that 2.5Gbps,(More)
In wireless research, one of the issues that need to be addressed is increasing the throughput of the network. This paper first compares the throughput of different scheduling algorithms; IEEE 802.11, CSMA/CA and CSMA/CD. Secondly, it shows how by changing the value of time slots that is taken by a frame, from 10 to 40, the throughput performance of the(More)
One of the disputable issues in the new generation of multimedia networks that requires to be concentrated is decreasing the signal delay and bit error rate and increasing the network efficiency and quality. This study evaluates the results of uplink 10Gbps base-band radio over 30km coarse wavelength division multiplexing single mode fiber in three(More)
One of the problems in the new generation of radio over fiber networks that requires to be concentrated, is decreasing the quantity of bit error rate in the lowest power penalty. This works studies a new technology for increasing the capacity of radio network backbone transmission channels by combining the two particular radio signal and optical power(More)
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