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A parallel scanning method using the concept of bitstream addition is introduced and studied in application to the problem of XML parsing and well-formedness checking. On processors supporting W-bit addition operations, the method can perform up to W finite state transitions per instruction. The method is based on the concept of parallel bitstream(More)
Bit Torrent is the most well-known protocol for peer to peer communication over the internet. It works in this way. Assume that Bob wants to download a file X. He first needs to get access to a .torrent file e.g. by searching the internet. This file contains metadata required to start downloading a file using Bit Torrent. One of the crucial pieces of(More)
With the popularity of web 2.0 sites, internet is now undergoing a considerable change. The major change introduced by web 2.0 is that every user can now contribute to the content presented in a web site. Major examples of web 2. The fact that now everyone can contribute to the content, results in a change in traffic pattern of this sites. There has been(More)
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