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We propose a simple modification of a well-known Random Walk algorithm for solving the Satisfiability problem and analyze its performance on random CNFs with a planted solution. We rigorously prove that the new algorithm solves the Full CNF with high probability, and for random CNFs with a planted solution of high density finds an assignment that differs(More)
A parallel scanning method using the concept of bitstream addition is introduced and studied in application to the problem of XML parsing and well-formedness checking. On processors supporting W -bit addition operations, the method can perform up to W finite state transitions per instruction. The method is based on the concept of parallel bitstream(More)
It’s easy to check that any specific string of length n has probability at most (1 − δ), hence SV-sources are n log 1 1−δ -sources. Also recall that SV-sources are (k, l) block sources where k = l log 1 1−δ . Suppose δ = log 1 1−δ , then k = δl. Take a hash-based extractor E : {0, 1} × {0, 1} → {0, 1}. Here, our weak-source is a SVsource over the strings of(More)
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