Ehow H Chen

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Important mechanistic differences regarding C=C double-bond oxidation processes under ozone-limited and ozone-rich reaction conditions for cyclohexene-functionalized fused silica substrates serving as model systems for studying heterogeneous C=C double bond oxidation chemistry in the troposphere are evaluated. By using broadband vibrational sum frequency(More)
Detailed examinations of water samples were carried out to determine the precision of analysis for chrysotile asbestos by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Since the frequency distribution of counts fits a Poisson distribution, several statistical inferences were made, including (1) an estimate of precision, and (2) a model for determining the(More)
Electrostatics and counterions play important roles in many supramolecular processes, including surfactant adsorption and aggregation at interfaces. Here, we assess their influence on how the common surfactant cetyltrimethylammonium (CTA) interacts with fused silica/aqueous interfaces by determining thermodynamic, kinetic, and electrostatic parameters for(More)
While many biogenic and anthropogenic organic constituents in the atmosphere are surface-active and chiral, the role of stereochemistry in heterogeneous oxidation chemistry in the atmosphere has not yet been evaluated. Here, we present nonlinear vibrational surface spectra of fused silica substrates functionalized with quinuclidine diastereomers during(More)
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