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1224 T he world may no longer face a serious threat of global nuclear warfare, but regional conflicts continue. Within this milieu, acquiring nuclear weapons has been considered a potent political, military, and social tool (1–3). National ownership of nuclear weapons offers perceived international status and insurance against aggression at a modest(More)
Mutations in the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes account for varying proportions of breast cancer families studied, and demonstrate considerable variation in mutational spectra coincident with ethnic and geographical diversity. We have screened for mutations in 17 families from Wales with two or more cases of breast cancer under age 50 and/or ovarian cancer. Eight out of(More)
Management and care of men with breast cancer is based on that developed for women. Our study reports that men have specific issues regarding certain aspects of their breast cancer experience, including diagnosis, disclosure, support and gender-specific information, and offers suggestions for improved patient care.
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