Egor Kuznetsov

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Analysing the physicians' comments on ultrasonic diagnostic devices revealed it necessary to adapt the routine transducers of these devices for diapeutical interventions. High-echogenicity needles that direct devices for their performance (holders) and special adapters have been designed.
Presented in the paper is the unit for cardiosynchronized extra- and intracorporal control in the course of the intensive therapy of patients with acute cardiac failure. It provides several methods of the assisted circulation and can be used in clinical cardiology, surgery and reanimation departments. Main specifications, the structure and the principle of(More)
Automatic control systems for the artificial heart (AH) and ventricular assist device were developed using selected criteria of effectiveness, a mathematical model of regulation, and noninvasive measures of the hemodynamic parameters. The Sinus IS2 system was developed for control of the AH; its main component is a high-speed servomechanism that provides(More)
This paper presents new quasi -optimal Boolean functions minimization method, adapted for parallel execution. The program based on this method is oriented on Intel multicore architecture and designed for significant reduction of instrument and time costs when implementing partially specified Boolean functions of large number of variables.