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Novel A-D-A type oligothiophenes incorporating benzothiadiazole (BTDA) and thiadiazolopyridine (TDAPy) as terminal acceptor groups have been developed for small molecule organic solar cells (SMSC). In vacuum-processed planar heterojunction solar cells the TDAPy-based oligomer showed a power conversion efficiency of 3.15% and a high fill factor of 0.67.
The introduction of electronic monitoring techniques in delivery increasingly has lead to the use of vaginal surgery in delivery. Vacuum and forceps extraction, in our view, do not compete with each other. Years ago forceps extraction was decisively improved by introducing the axial traction forceps. However, we believe that this technique has not been(More)
The optimization of solution-processed organic bulk-heterojunction solar cells with the acceptor-substituted quinquethiophene DCV5T-Bu 4 as donor in conjunction with PC61BM as acceptor is described. Power conversion efficiencies up to 3.0% and external quantum efficiencies up to 40% were obtained through the use of 1-chloronaphthalene as solvent additive in(More)
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