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American Religious Identification Survey
Highlights  College-age Americans are divided among not two but three distinct worldviews: Religious, Secular, and Spiritual. o Each of the three worldviews is attached to a distinct outlook onExpand
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Exogamy in first marriages and remarriages: An analysis of mate selection in first and second marriages among American Jews in the 1990s, and its theoretical implications
What factors account for the decision to marry exogamously in second marriages in a community with a long history of valuing endogamous marriage? That question is addressed by an analysis of aExpand
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Processes and Outcomes in Marriages Between Jews and Non-Jews
we hope to learn why people intermarry.&dquo; This generalized assumption, that by discovering who intermarries will lead to our understanding of the cause of intermarriage, has shaped one of theExpand
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Comment on Chaim Waxman's Article, "Religious and Ethnic Patterns of American Jewish Baby Boomers"
There appear to be several errors in Dr. Chaim I. Waxman's article "Religious and Ethnic Patterns of American Jewish Baby Boomers," (JSSR, March 1994) that require correction. Waxman's analysisExpand
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Differences Matter—Sometimes
I was riding uptown from an appointment in Greenwich Village, reading a journal article that included in its title the word “intermarriage.” Sitting next to me in the midday subway car was a youngExpand