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Phylogenetic relationships of Rozites, Cuphocybe, and Rapacea were assessed using molecular phylogenetic approaches. These three genera are placed in Cortinariaceae and have been regarded as closely related to Cortinarius. Rozites includes more than 20 species, which are characterized by having both a membranaceous partial veil in the form of a persistent(More)
Two new genera encompassing three new species of lyophylloid agarics that produce conidia on the basidiomata are described. Arthromyces is a genus comprised of two very different arthrospore-producing mushroom species found in the Greater Antilles and Central America. Blastosporella is a monotypic genus with spherical balls of blastospores covering the(More)
Open Letter Open letter to the scientific community of mycologists Inputs from referees requested Reinhard Agerer a,∗, Joe Ammirati b, Paul Blanz c, Régis Courtecuisse d, Dennis E. Desjardin e, Walter Gams f , Nils Hallenberg g, Roy Halling h, David L. Hawksworth i, Egon Horak j, Richard P. Korf k, Greg M. Mueller l, Franz Oberwinkler m, Gerhard Rambold n,(More)
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