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CONTEXT Use of 80% oxygen during surgery has been suggested to reduce the risk of surgical wound infections, but this effect has not been consistently identified. The effect of 80% oxygen on pulmonary complications has not been well defined. OBJECTIVE To assess whether use of 80% oxygen reduces the frequency of surgical site infection without increasing(More)
A generalized sinusoidal model for speech signal processing is studied. The main feature of the model is that the amplitude of each sinusoidal component is allowed to vary exponentially with time. We propose to use the model in transitional speech segments such as speech onsets and voiced/un-voiced transitions. Computer simulations with natural speech(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency abdominal surgery carries a 15% to 20% short-term mortality rate. Postoperative medical complications are strongly associated with increased mortality. Recent research suggests that timely recognition and effective management of complications may reduce mortality. The aim of the present trial is to evaluate the effect of postoperative(More)
Venous gas embolism is common after laparoscopic surgery but is only rarely of clinical relevance. We present a 52 year old woman undergoing laparoscopic treatment for liver cysts, who also underwent cholecystectomy. She was successfully extubated. However, after a few minutes she developed cardiac arrest due to a venous carbon dioxide (CO2) embolism as(More)
We present the use of a cross-correlated quantization noise model in the recently proposed Kalman innovation speech coding scheme. Computer simulations and informal listening tests indicate that the incorporation of a cross-correlated noise model yields an improvement in both SNR and perceptual quality when compared to a uncorrelated noise model.
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