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OBJECTIVE Efficient patient-physician collaboration is proven to have a direct benefit on health care outcomes through improved compliance, appointment keeping and use of preventive services. The aim of this study was to evaluate the patient-physician agreement on communication during primary care consultations and consider possible discrepancies. METHODS(More)
Opinion of patients concerning some aspects of patient needs and quality of ambulatory care services was investigated by survey, performed in ambulatory health care institutions of Lithuania in May, 2002. Results of survey included comparison of patient opinion in cities, regional centers, villages and townships. Representative number of 1003 inhabitants(More)
OBJECTIVE Patient satisfaction with health care services is considered an important factor of health care. Although research on patient satisfaction has become standard in Western Europe, in countries such as Lithuania the concept of patient satisfaction is still a relatively new one. This study aimed to investigate how the meeting of patients' expectations(More)
UNLABELLED Most of the patients, coming to see their primary care physician, have explicit expectations and priorities for the medical consultation. Recognition of these expectations is an important step in organizing patient-oriented health care services. Patient expectations depend on a number of factors: health problem and its severity, as well as social(More)
BACKGROUND Physician satisfaction is considered an important factor influencing quality of health care provision, patient compliance, and costs to health care systems. Dissatisfaction leads to an increase in turnover of physicians and early retirement, which has a negative impact on continuity and quality of health care. Physician dissatisfaction with(More)
Family medicine teachers require specific educational skills. A framework for their professional development is essential for future development of the discipline in Europe. EURACT developed a framework on educational expertise, and subsequently applied it in a curriculum of teaching-skills courses of various levels. The aim of this article is to describe(More)
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