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A river runs through it: The causes, consequences, and management of intraspecific diversity in river networks
Rivers are fascinating ecosystems in which the eco‐evolutionary dynamics of organisms are constrained by particular features, and biologists have developed a wealth of knowledge about freshwaterExpand
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Intraspecific genetic and phenotypic diversity: parallel processes and correlated patterns?
Intraspecific diversity plays a key role for evolutionary and ecological dynamics. It is the raw material on which acts selection, it improves species and communities resilience to disturbance and itExpand
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Demographic and genetic collapses in spatially structured populations: insights from a long‐term survey in wild fish metapopulations
Unraveling the relationship between demographic declines and genetic changes over time is of critical importance to predict the persistence of at-risk populations and to propose efficientExpand
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De novo transcriptome assembly for Tracheliastes polycolpus, an invasive ectoparasite of freshwater fish in western Europe
Abstract Tracheliastes polycolpus is an ectoparasitic copepod that recently emerged in western Europe and that infects several freshwater fish species. Its recent successful spread might be due toExpand
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Mécanismes d'infection de l'ectoparasite de poissons d'eau douce Tracheliastes polycolpus
Quels mecanismes ecologiques et evolutifs rendent les interactions entre especes possibles ? J'ai aborde cette question en considerant l'interaction entre un parasite de poisson d'eau douceExpand