Egil Severin Erichsen

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The delimiting membranes of isolated autophagosomes from rat liver had extremely few transmembrane proteins, as indicated by the paucity of intramembrane particles in freeze-fracture images (about 20 particles/microm2, whereas isolated lysosomes had about 2000 particles/microm2). The autophagosomes also appeared to lack peripheral surface membrane proteins,(More)
The amounts of metals liberated from silver soldered stainless steel and cobalt-chromium orthodontic wires were measured. Measurements were taken after 3 days and 24 days immersion in 0.9% sodium chloride solution. High amounts of copper and zinc and some cadmium from the silver solder were found. The silver soldered stainless steel wire corroded more than(More)
Moldovan, O. T., Jal`i}, B. & Erichsen, E.: Adaptation of the mouthparts in some subterranean Cholevinae (Coleoptera, Leiodidae). Nat. Croat., Vol. 13, No. 1., 1–18, 2004, Zagreb. Cholevinae are a group of beetles with many cave representatives that are mainly detritivorous or saprophagous. Some species show modifications of the mouthparts on account of(More)
Saliva was obtained from patients receiving treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances. One saliva sample was taken without appliances, and another at least 3 weeks after placement. In some patients samples were also taken immediately after insertion of the appliance. Nickel and iron were quantified by electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy. There(More)
Garter snakes increase tongue-flick rates in the presence of airborne odorants (amyl acetate, limonene, earthworm wash vapor, fish water vapor, earthworms, goldfish) but not water vapor. Main olfactory (MO) nerve lesions result in loss of this tongue-flick rate elevation in the presence of airborne odorants. Vomeronasal (VN) nerve lesions result in a(More)
Intracellular carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) content of marine phytoplankton and bacterioplankton can vary according to cell requirements or physiological acclimation to growth under nutrient limited conditions. Although such variation in macronutrient content is well known for cultured organisms, there is a dearth of data from natural(More)
The present study evaluated cortical porosity and thickness of intact rat femora 12 weeks after intramedullary reaming and nailing. The right femora were reamed and received either flexible polyacetal nails or rigid stainless steel nails. A third group was reamed but not nailed. The left femora were used as controls. The anterior cortical wall was analyzed(More)
Biogenic production and sedimentation of calcium carbonate in the ocean, referred to as the carbonate pump, has profound implications for the ocean carbon cycle, and relate both to global climate, ocean acidification and the geological past. In marine pelagic environments coccolithophores, foraminifera and pteropods have been considered the main calcifying(More)
Cells maintain an osmotic pressure essential for growth and division, using organic compatible solutes and inorganic ions. Mg2+, which is the most abundant divalent cation in living cells, has not been considered an osmotically important solute. Here we show that under carbon limitation or dormancy native marine bacterial communities have a high cellular(More)
The amounts of cobalt and chromium released to the saliva in individuals wearing cobalt-chromium partial dentures have been measured. Saliva was collected during a 5-min period, both with and without dentures in the mouth, and the two samples compared. More than 80% of the 30 cases showed increased amounts of metals with the denture in the mouth. Newer and(More)