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Casl is an expressive language for the formal specification of functional requirements and modular design of software. It has been designed by CoFI, the international Common Framework Initiative for algebraic specification and development. It is based on a critical selection of features that have already been explored in various contexts, including(More)
We consider the problem of precisely deening UML active classes with an associated state chart. We are convinced that the rst step to make UML precise is to nd an underlying formal model for the systems modelled by UML. We argue that labelled transition systems are a sensible choice; indeed they have worked quite successfully for languages as Ada and Java.(More)
In this paper, we present and discuss the results of an internal replication of a controlled experiment for assessing the effectiveness of including screen mockups when adopting Use Cases. The results of the original experiment indicate a clear improvement in terms of understandability of functional requirements when screen mockups are present with no(More)