Egge van der Poel

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OBJECTIVES Due to recent changes in legislation on occupational health and safety, a national monitor on stress and physical load was developed in The Netherlands to monitor (a) risks and consequences of stress and physical load at work, (b) preventive actions in companies to reduce these risks, and (c) organisational and environmental variables that(More)
Apoptosis is fundamental to the regulation of homeostasis of stem cells in vivo. Whereas the pathways underlying the molecular and biochemical details of nuclear breakdown that accompanies apoptosis have been elucidated, the precise nature of nuclear reorganization that precedes the demolition phase is not fully understood. Here, we expressed an inducible(More)
In The Netherlands, there is a more or less recognized movement in the field of mental health care which is referred to as the psychiatric opposition movement or the patients movement. The nucleus of the Dutch movement consists of patients and ex-patients. As far as mental health professionals are participating in the movement, they do so as more or less(More)
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