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For this study, we have determined the effects of neonatal leptin treatment on the evolution of body weight. Experiment 1: pups were divided into two groups: LepF - injected with leptin (8 micro(More)
We previously showed that neonatal leptin treatment programmes higher body weight and food intake in adult rats. Here we investigate whether leptin treatment during lactation affects the anorectic(More)
Malnutrition during lactation is associated with hypoprolactinemia and failure in milk production. Adult rats whose mothers were malnourished presented higher body weight and serum tri-iodothyronine(More)
Similar to gestation/lactation, puberty is also a critical phase in which neuronal connections are still being produced and during which metabolic changes may occur if nutrition is disturbed. In the(More)
PURPOSE Adipocytes and osteoblasts were derived from a common progenitor, and canola oil intake may have an adipogenic and osteogenic effect. Thus, our objective was to evaluate the effect on(More)