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BACKGROUND Mild in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment might lessen both patients' discomfort and multiple births, with their associated risks. We aimed to test the hypothesis that mild IVF treatment can achieve the same chance of a pregnancy resulting in term livebirth within 1 year compared with standard treatment, and can also reduce patients'(More)
BACKGROUND Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is produced by the granulosa cells of preantral and small antral follicles and its levels can be assessed in serum. Since the number of ovarian follicles declines with increasing age, AMH levels might be used as a marker for ovarian ageing. Therefore, we studied the relationship between AMH levels and ovarian response(More)
Knowledge about the status of the female reproductive system is important for fertility problems and age-related family planning. The volume of these fertility requests in our emancipated society is steadily increasing. Intravaginal 3D ultrasound imaging of the follicles in the ovary gives important information about the ovarian aging, i.e. number of(More)
Supplies of follicles are established during early fetal life and decrease exponentially thereafter by a process called atresia. Subfertility only starts at a mean age of about 30-31 years, when the remaining follicle reserve has become a fraction of its original number. Thereafter, a further decrease in both oocyte quantity and quality dictates the(More)
BACKGROUND Developmental diseases, such as birth defects, growth restriction and preterm delivery, account for >25% of infant mortality and morbidity. Several studies have shown that exposure to chemicals during pregnancy is associated with adverse birth outcomes. The aim of this study was to identify whether occupational exposure to various chemicals might(More)
The aim of this study was to map out the extent of the physical complaints and emotional stress due to diagnostic routines of the infertility work-up. To this end a questionnaire was sent to 96 consecutive couples visiting an infertility clinic of a university hospital. The results indicate that women often have physical complaints as a result of the(More)