Egbert Schönfelder

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Forest liming is a common measure to counteract soil acidification. In forest practice, lime is applied to the forest floor where it changes the chemical properties. However, little is known about the depth impact of liming and the depth translocation of lime components. To investigate the long-term impact of forest liming, several study plots have been(More)
The evaluation uses the longest available time series for beech and oak defoliation in Germany. The data from Hesse, starting from 1984, show a typical pattern: for the first 12 years, a continuous increase in defoliation was observed ranging from an average value of 14% in 1984 to a peak value of 30%. This was followed by a subsequent decrease in the loss(More)
An examination of the distribution of ancient charcoal kiln sites in the forest landscape seems to be worthwhile, since general trends in the selection of suitable kiln site locations in the past might become obvious. In this way forest landscape elements with a more intense usage by charcoal burning can be identified. By doing this, we can expect to gain(More)
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