Efthimios Zervas

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c Technical efficiency index of EU-15 countries is determined through the DEA method. c Level of the TE index is determined from the energy mix used in each country. c TE level depends on the maximization level of GDP without waste of energy resources. c Capacity of an economy to produce more GDP for a given energy input is determined. c TE differentiation(More)
In this paper, a microwave chaotic oscillator with symmetric active load is presented. Compared to the classical Differential bipolar Chaotic Colpitts Oscillator (DCCO) produces anti-phase dual output carriers with intense chaotic behaviour, better linearity and very good encryption capabilities. Advanced Design System (ADS) 2008 Update 1 simulations(More)
Methane (CH 4) is an important greenhouse gas emitted by vehicles. This study provides estimates of emissions of this important and often not well characterized greenhouse gas (GHG) emission related to transportation energy use. It aims to assist urban community planners and policymakers to prioritize and choose implementation strategies for low carbon(More)
The role of music in energy and dietary intake of humans is poorly understood. The purpose of the present laboratory study was to examine the effect of background music, its presence and its intensity, on energy intake, eating rate and appetite feelings. The study had a randomized crossover design. Twenty-six normal weight and overweight/obese men(More)
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