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AIMS The purpose of this prospective randomised study is to evaluate the efficacy, safety and the appropriate dose of the ropivacaine in the control of post-knee arthroscopy pain. METHODS We randomised 60 patients in two groups to receive 10 ml/7.5 mg/ml ropivacaine (Group B) or 20 ml/7.5 mg/ml (Group A) at the end of a routine knee arthroscopy. We(More)
BACKGROUND Tension band wiring (TBW) remains the most common operative technique for the internal fixation of olecranon fractures despite the potential occurrence of subjective complaints due to subcutaneous position of the hardware. Aim of this long term retrospective study was to evaluate the elbow function and the patient-rated outcome after TBW fixation(More)
Subcutaneous targeted neuromodulation is one part of the wider new peripheral neuromodulation development in the treatment of neuropathic pain. Although it has not received wider acceptance, there are many reports in the literature of successful use of this technique.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term results after acute treatment of clavicle fractures. We reviewed 139 patients with an average age of 39.3 years (range: 18 to 74) who sustained a clavicle fracture either isolated or as part of a polytrauma. Besides demographic data, both clinical result and residual symptoms were also recorded. The(More)
BACKGROUND Leydig tumour is rare and there are only three cases with metastatic disease reported. CASE PRESENTATION A 52 year-old Caucasian male was admitted, on emergency basis to the Orthopaedic Department with six weeks history of increasing midthoracic back pain, change in gait, poor balance, subjective weakness and numbness of the lower trunk and(More)
BACKGROUND It concerns an unusual injury which is the result of a violent hyperextension or abduction of the pollex and even less frequently by direct injury. AIM To increase our sensitivity and observation regarding thumb's injuries, because it is possible a fracture of the sesamoid not to be diagnosed. MATERIAL AND METHOD We present a case of an adult(More)
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