Efstratios Kokkalis

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Batch kinetic and isotherm experiments were conducted to determine the sorption-desorption behavior of 2,4-dichlorophenol from seawater solutions by marine sediments containing various amounts of organic carbon (from 1.02% to 12.72% dry weight). The results indicated linear type isotherms for sorption and desorption in all marine sediments studied. The(More)
Prosthetic grafts are used for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. Re-stenosis in the distal anastomosis of these grafts is a common reason for graft occlusion. The role of local hemodynamics in development of neo-intimal hyperplasia is well known. A new graft design has been proposed for the induction of optimized spiral flow in the host vessel.(More)
Arteriovenous prosthetic grafts are used in hemodialysis. Stenosis in the venous anastomosis is the main cause of occlusion and the role of local hemodynamics in this is considered significant. A new spiral graft design has been proposed to stabilize the flow phenomena in the host vein. Cross-flow vortical structures in the outflow of this graft were(More)
Endovascular stents are widely used for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). However, the development of in-stent restenosis and downstream PAD progression remain a challenge. Stent revascularisation of PAD causes arterial trauma and introduces abnormal haemodynamics, which initiate complicated biological processes detrimental to the arterial(More)
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