Efstathios Eleftheriadis

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p = 0.0001), as was the gut metabolic activity ( p = 0.025). Malondialdehyde was increased in gut mucosa ( p = 0.0002), liver ( p = 0.02), spleen ( p = 0.03), and lung ( p = 0.017). Bacterial translocation toward the mesenteric lymph nodes ( p = 0.002), spleen ( p = 0.002), and liver ( p = 0.05) was increased in the 3-hour group; in the 18-hour group(More)
The purpose of this experimental study was to determine the hemodynamic conditions of intraperitoneal viscera during pneumoperitoneum by using either CO2 gas or helium (He) for insufflation. In 16 mongrel dogs (divided into a CO2 group and an He group) subjected to 14 mmHg pneumoperitoneum for 60 min, the following parameters were assessed at times before(More)
Background: Experimental studies have shown that elevation of intraabdominal pressure by means of gas insufflation produces hemodynamic disturbances in the peritoneal viscera, leading to splanchnic ischemia. The purpose of this clinical investigation is to reproduce the experimental data in humans undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Methods: Sixteen(More)
Endoscopic inspection of the residual cavity after liver hydatid disease surgery has the potential of determining the cause of delayed cavity obliteration by providing information about the inner surface condition. We therefore performed endoscopy whenever there was an unsatisfactory rate of reduction of the residual cavity size. Over the last 6 years, 72(More)
PURPOSE Although the buccal fat pad (BFP) was originally used as an alternative method for the closure of small to medium-sized oroantral and oronasal communications, its use has now been extended to use after excision of oral malignancies. This report describes experience with this technique. PATIENTS AND METHODS The BFP was used as a pedicled graft to(More)
We describe the histological and histochemical changes of the common bile-duct mucosa in specimens obtained by means of peroral cholangioscopy, 1-12 years after choledochoduodenal anastomosis. Our findings--hyperplasia of the superficial epithelium, metaplastic goblet cells containing predominantly acid sialomucins, and pyloric-like gland formation(More)
To evaluate the use of esophageal stents for temporary sealing of acquired benign tracheoesophageal fistulas developed in critically ill, ventilated patients. This is a retrospective analysis (1992–2003) of the data of 12 mechanically ventilated patients — six of them after major or multiple trauma — being intubated for a median of 30 days before they(More)
BACKGROUND Microvessel quantification has been studied extensively as a factor reflecting angiogenesis in various malignant tumors. The aim of our study was to evaluate the vascular fractal dimension and the immunohistochemically positive total vascular area in oral cavity carcinomas in order to assess their potential value as factors reflecting(More)
From 1981–1985, 62 patients have been operated upon for hydatid disease of the liver. Nine patients presented with hepatic colic, chill and fever; seven cases also showed obstructive jaundice, as their cysts had ruptured into the biliary tree. A large communication between the pericyst cavity and the bile ducts was confirmed at operation. The common bile(More)