Efrosini Sourla

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The explosive growth in the size and use of the World Wide Web continuously creates new great challenges and needs. The need for predicting the users' preferences in order to expedite and improve the browsing though a site can be achieved through personalizing of the websites. A personalization mechanism is based on explicit preference declarations by the(More)
The heterogeneity of spatial planning data is a well known problem that admittedly limits its use and provokes numerous difficulties to planners, investors as well as decision makers. Spatial planning is confronted with a huge problem concerning the diversity in data collection, storing, processing and provision. These challenges constitute the main concern(More)
In this work, we propose D 3-Tree, a dynamic distributed deterministic structure for data management in decentralized networks. We present in brief the theoretical algorithmic analysis, in which our proposed structure is based on, and we describe thoroughly the key aspects of the implementation. Conducting experiments, we verify that the implemented(More)