Efrosini Sourla

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In this work, we propose D 3-Tree, a dynamic distributed deterministic structure for data management in decentralized networks. We present in brief the theoretical algorithmic analysis, in which our proposed structure is based on, and we describe thoroughly the key aspects of the implementation. Conducting experiments, we verify that the implemented(More)
Artificial intelligence has significantly contributed in the evolution of medical informatics and biomedicine, providing a variety of tools available to be exploited, from rule-based expert systems and fuzzy logic to neural networks and genetic algorithms. Moreover, familiarizing people with smartphones and the constantly growing use of medical-related(More)
Mobile App stores and marketplaces allow sellers and developers to monetize their Apps mainly through the desktop-based download point, or by using the mobile owner's credit card. We would like to turn monetization focus on the fact that there is already another payment channel that should not be overseen, which is fruitfully used through the premium SMSs.(More)