Efrosini Kioseoglou

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Lung cancer chemoresistance is the most frequent barrier in lung cancer therapy. Recent studies have indicated that microRNAs play a significant role in this mechanism and can function as either(More)
Vanadium is known for its antitumorigenicity. Poised to investigate the impact of well-defined forms of vanadium on processes and specific biomolecules (oncogenes-proteins) involved in cancer cell(More)
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays a key role in tumor progression and metastasis as a crucial event for cancer cells to trigger the metastatic niche. Transforming growth factor-β(More)
A new series of mixed-ligand mono- or hetero-trihalide Cu(II) complexes of the type [Cu(dienXX)Y(YZ(2))], where dienXX=Schiff dibase of diethylenetriamine with 2-thiophene-carboxaldehyde (dienSS),(More)