Efrosini Giama

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Greece has been hit particularly hard and insistently long by the economic recession since 2008, a development which inevitably affected the households' behaviour regarding energy consumption and space heating in particular. The results of a field study conducted over two consecutive heating periods are presented and evaluated in the current paper. It is of(More)
Sustainability is increasingly becoming an issue of importance and practical significance for the construction sector, as the environmental concern related to buildings is rising amongst the public and, in that sense, also amongst prospective buyers of buildings. At the same time, from a methodological point of view, the scope of environmental evaluation is(More)
The current paper discusses the analysis of the results that emerged from a field study conducted in two consecutive years, aiming at the assessment of the economic recession's impact on the consumers' behaviour regarding energy consumption and space heating. The field survey was carried out, by means of interviews with questionnaires, in Northern Greece,(More)
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