Efrain Zenteno

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Two key advances are envisaged for future missions: (a) spectrally efficient transmission to meet the increasing demand and (b) sharing of satellite capacity among different links to meet power/mass requirements. Joint amplification of multiple-carrier DVB-S2 signals using a single High-Power Amplifier (HPA) is a particular application of satellite resource(More)
—The indirect learning architecture (ILA) is the most used methodology for the identification of Digital Pre-distorter (DPD) functions for nonlinear systems, particularly for high power amplifiers. The ILA principle works in black box modeling relying on the inversion of input and output signals of the nonlinear system, such that the inverse is estimated.(More)
—A non-parametric technique to model the behavior of power amplifiers is presented. The proposed technique relies on the principles of density estimation using the kernel method and it is suited for the application of power amplifier modeling. The proposed methodology transforms the input domain to an orthogonal memory domain. In such a domain,(More)
—In this paper, a synthetic vector network analyzing measurement system is presented. The system is based on a hardware setup, including a signal generator and a vector signal analyzer, with the vector network analyzing functionality implemented in the software. The measurements of the proposed system demonstrated comparable performance in terms of accuracy(More)
This paper analyzes the joint effects of in-phase and quadrature (I/Q) imbalance and power amplifier (PA) distortion for RF multiple input multiple output (MIMO) transmitters in the presence of crosstalk. This paper proposes candidate models for the digital predistortion of static I/Q imbalanced sources exciting a dynamic MIMO Volterra system. The proposed(More)
Multiple-input multiple-output symbol rate signal digital predistorter for non-linear multi-carrier satellite channels.gateway data predistortion for non-linear satellite channels.fied multilateral filter for real-time depth map enhancement. A novel cost-sensitive framework for customer churn predictive modeling. Power allocation in multibeam satellite(More)
Since they appeared, wireless technologies have deeply transformed our society. Today, wireless internet access and other wireless applications demand increasingly more traffic. However, the continuous traffic increase can be unbearable and requires rethinking and redesigning the wireless technologies in many different aspects. Aiming to respond to the(More)