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Signifying passages: the signs of change in Israeli street names
Street names are mundane media through which the past is commemorated and introduced into the public sphere. Viewed from a semiotic perspective, street names constitute a spatial-text produced overExpand
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The Politics of Urban Planning Policy
This book examines how policy decisions have been made on urban development in Israel's two largest cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. It shows the influence of such factors as the Israeli system'sExpand
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Strategies under a New Electoral System
Structural systemic factors, including a tie between the two major political blocs in Israel and the change to direct election of the prime minister, generated an on-line personal campaign, makingExpand
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The Pre-Policy Role of Policy Commissions
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Effectiveness Assessment in Public Service Systems
The study combines research on effectiveness and organizational assessment. The reliability model enables a qualitative and quantitative assessment of level of performance and quality of performanceExpand
Central Aid and Local Policy
This paper supplements previous research on central aid as a determinant of local expenditure by considering the relative effect of aid on levels of per capita expenditures of poor and well-to-doExpand
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Election Issues and Interfactional Conflict Resolution in Israel
T H E state of the nation in Irsael a t the time of the November 1969 elections would lead political analysts to expect that heated public debates had taken place among the parties on severalExpand
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Urban Political Integration in Israel
on forming metropolitan area governments have often been submitted without fully taking into account this politically significant factor. Confronted by this situation, American urban research hasExpand
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A Perspective on Central-Metropolitan Rela tions
In previous research, we find that the role of central authorities in metropolitan areas is explained in terms of action from above. According to this view, the central authority is a kind ofExpand
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