Effie Hatzis

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Child abuse is a disturbingly common finding in society today. In view of the high proportion of orofacial injuries seen in victims of child abuse, dentists are in a strategic position to recognize and report suspected cases. The present study of 347 dentists in Victoria, Australia, assessed the level of knowledge and attitudes among dental professionals on(More)
Developing potent molecules that inhibit Bcl-2 family mediated apoptosis affords opportunities to treat cancers via reactivation of the cell death machinery. We describe the hit-to-lead development of selective Bcl-XL inhibitors originating from a high-throughput screening campaign. Small structural changes to the hit compound increased binding affinity(More)
The prosurvival BCL-2 proteins are attractive yet challenging targets for medicinal chemists. Their involvement in the initiation and progression of many, if not all, tumors makes them prime targets for developing new anticancer therapies. We present our approach based on de novo structure-based drug design. Using known structural information from complexes(More)
The design of small molecules that mimic the BH3 domain and bind to Bcl-2 proteins has emerged as a promising approach to discovering novel anti-cancer therapeutics. We reveal the design and synthesis of conformationally constrained benzoylurea scaffolds as conformational probes. Central to helix mimicry, the intramolecular hydrogen bond in the benzoylurea(More)
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