Efendi N. Nasibov

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The aim of this paper has twofold: i) to explore the fundamental concepts and methods of neighborhood-based cluster analysis with its roots in statistics and decision theory, ii) to provide a compact tool for researchers. Since DBSCAN is the first method which uses the concept of neighborhood and it has many successors, we started our discussion by(More)
Nearly all enzymes are proteins. They are the biological catalysts that accelerate the function of cellular reactions. Because of different characteristics of reaction tasks, they split into six classes: oxidoreductases (EC-1), transferases (EC-2), hydrolases (EC-3), lyases (EC-4), isomerases (EC-5), ligases (EC-6). Prediction of enzyme classes is of great(More)
A new distance ND1 between fuzzy numbers based on an averaged representative of a fuzzy number (Weighting Average Based on Levels, WABL) is proposed. Based on this distance a new least squares regression model is proposed. The proposed model is studied for a broad class of fuzzy numbers and class of functions the membership of which is formed on the basis(More)
The problem of high-performance allocation of tasks between executives, where the competence of each for implementation of tasks is specified in the form of fuzzy relations, is considered. Maximization of the aggregated degree of competence of the entire allocation and maximization of the degree of the overall level of employment of standard executives are(More)
A comparative analysis of such methods of defuzzification of fuzzy numbers as WABL (Weighted Averaging Based on Levels), centroid, and mean of maxima (MOM) is presented in the study. Analytic formulas are presented for calculating the defuzzification values for parametrically represented fuzzy numbers of triangular and trapezoidal form.
0957-4174/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2009.07.071 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +90 536 509 7969; fa E-mail address: efendi_nasibov@yahoo.com (E.N. N Bispectral index scale (BIS) is a continuous processed electroencephalogram (EEG) parameter that correlates to the patient’s level of brain activity, where 100 is awake and 0(More)