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There is little understanding of how distributed writing groups manage their collaboration and what kinds of support are most useful. The paper presents three case studies of distributed collaborative writing groups in academia. The process evolves over time, constantly adapting to changing circumstances. Co-authors offer and make use of a range of(More)
While much has been written about marginalization as a structural phenomenon, there is little understanding of how the dynamics of marginalization unfold at the micro level in urban contexts. We seek to understand these micro-level marginalization processes via a comparative study of Bangalore, India, and Ronneby, Sweden. Our analysis highlights the(More)
  • E Beck
  • 1998
The Dept. of Justice and the Dept. of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General have issued new guidelines for using the False Claims Act to prosecute hospitals that fraudulently bill Medicare. Ellen Beck explains the changes and why the American Hospital Association calls the more lenient use of the FCA a "positive first step" toward(More)