Eesa M. Bastaki

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We consider frame synchronization for fixed frame length communication system with periodically embedded sync words. In the past few decades, numerous researchers have made significant contributions in various aspects. However, it is almost surprising that a scrutinization over the literature reveals to us an important common assumption: frame(More)
A novel slope line code for data transmission and storage on digital communication systems has been proposed. The new line code operates on the principle of slope coding. The slope encoder transmits alternative slopes (stair-step-like pulses) for the transmission of the 1s and 0s of the input binary data. The decoder detects the received signal using(More)
The power spectral density of the H-ternary line code is investigated in this paper. Accurate simulation results are extracted from a simulation model that generates and encodes very long P-N binary sequence. The simulation results are compared with that of the theoretical results obtained from the analytical model. Both results almost fit with each other(More)
A new slope line code for information transmission and storage has been proposed. The line code operates on the principle of slope coding. Two alternative slopes are used to transmit or store the binary information 1 s and 0 s. The decoder extracts the binary information from the received multilevel signal using slope comparison technique with slope(More)
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