Eero Vuorinen

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Breakthrough pain (BKP) is a transitory flare of pain that occurs on a background of relatively well controlled baseline pain. Previous surveys have found that BKP is highly prevalent among patients with cancer pain and predicts more severe pain, pain-related distress and functional impairment, and relatively poor quality of life. An international group of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the prevalence and causes of pain at the early stages of cancer. DESIGN AND PATIENTS A total of 378 newly diagnosed (0-6 months from diagnosis) unselected cancer patients were asked to respond to a questionnaire on pain and other symptoms; RESULTS 240 patients (64%) answered. Of these, 66 patients (28%) reported pain(More)
Finland belongs to the group of countries in which the consumption of strong opioids is low. This seems to reflect the general quality of cancer pain treatment. During the last 10 years, many efforts have been made to improve the treatment of cancer pain in Finland. To assess one parameter of change, the present study compared the quantity of opioid and(More)
The updated Current Care Guideline focuses on medical symptom treatment when curative treatment is no longer possible. Palliative care should be available to all dying patients at all health care levels. Pain should be treated prophylactically. Opioids are effective in cancer pain and should be chosen for moderate or severe pain in line with the WHO pain(More)
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