Eero Schroderus

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The physiological requirements of reproduction are predicted to generate a link between energy, physiology and life history traits. Simultaneously, low maintenance costs, measured by energy consumption, are expected to be advantageous. Here we investigated fitness relatedness of traits by estimating genetic correlations between, and inbreeding depression(More)
To maximize their fitness, parents are assumed to allocate their resources optimally between number and size of offspring. Although this fundamental life-history trade-off has been subject to long standing interest, its genetic basis, especially in wild mammals, still remains unresolved. One important reason for this problem is that a large(More)
To predict evolutionary responses of warning signals under selection, we need to determine the inheritance pattern of the signals, and how they are genetically correlated with other traits contributing to fitness. Furthermore, protective coloration often undergoes remarkable changes within an individual's lifecycle, requiring us to quantify the genetic(More)
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