Eero I. Laukkanen

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Context: Defect reporting is an important part of software development in-vivo, but previous work from open source context suggests that defect reports often have insufficient information for defect fixing. Objective: Our goal was to reproduce and partially replicate one of those open source studies in industrial context to see how well the results could be(More)
In this position paper, we present and demonstrate the idea of using an interdisciplinary literature review to accelerate the research on continuous integration practice. A common suggestion has been that build waiting time in continuous integration cycle should be less than 10 minutes. This guideline is based on practitioners' opinion and has not been(More)
Context: Continuous delivery (CD) is a development practice for decreasing the time-to-market by keeping software releasable all the time. Adopting CD within a stage-gate managed development process might be useful, although scientific evidence of such adoption is not available. In a stage-gate process, new releases pass through stages and gates protect(More)
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