Eerika Marmo

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Due to their excellent mechanical properties, Yttria-stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal ceramics (Y-TZP) are used in ball heads for Total Hip Replacements. It is known that Y-TZP materials may show strength degradation due to ageing or to hydrothermal treatment. Also high wear of UHMWPE sockets coupled to steam sterilized Y-TZP ball heads after a(More)
Tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (TZP) is a new interesting ceramic for the manufacture of medical devices. Its wide use in orthopedic and odontoiatric implants was limited till now by the high chemical and radiochemical impurities of the raw materials. Purification processes now available allow to obtain high purity ceramic grade powders suitable for TZP(More)
We have taken into consideration a group of 21 imidazo [1,2-a]pyrimidine derivatives, some of which were already known, whereas the others were synthesized and characterized by us to complete the series. Antiinflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and ulcerogenic activities of such compounds were evaluated in comparison with indomethacin, in order to get(More)
Five acidic phenyl derivatives of the imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine system were subjected to some tests in vivo in order to evaluate their biological activity. Antiinflammatory activity was studied by means of the carrageenin rat paw edema, whereas writhing induced in mice by acetic acid was used to assess analgesic activity. The irritative and ulcerogenic(More)
A group of ethyl esters of 2-phenylimidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine-3-carboxylic acids 3 were obtained by reaction in anhydrous ethanol of some substituted 3-aminopyridazines 1 with ethyl 2-benzoyl-2-bromoacetate 2. The acids 4 obtained via alkaline hydrolysis were tested in vivo for their antiinflammatory, analgesic and ulcerogenic actions and in vitro for their(More)
Spermidine (SPD) and spermine (SPM) produced in anaesthetized dogs significant cardiovascular changes at higher doses than other transmitters, i.e. l-noradrenaline, l-adrenaline, histamine, acetylcholine, which produce cardiovascular effects at doses of 0.01-0.05 micrograms/kg given intravenously. SPD was shown to be more active than SPM. The hypotensive(More)
By reaction of camphor enamine (I) with phenyl isothiocyanate, the N-phenyl thiocarboxamide (II) was obtained in excellent yield, and in turn gave 4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-7,8,8-trimethyl-3-phenylamino-4,7-methano-2H-indazole (III) in very good yield by reaction with hydrazine hydrate. A series of N-substituted ureas (IV) were synthesized in satisfactory yield by(More)
In adult fowls (Gallus domesticus) with cannulae stereotaxically implanted into the III cerebral ventricle and into the hypothalamus, the effects of clonidine and another imidazoline derivative (St 600) were studied on arterial blood pressure and heart rate. It has been shown that clonidine and St 600 administration into the III ventricle or into the(More)