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Over the last three decades, video games have evolved from a pastime into a force of change that is transforming the way people perceive, learn about, and interact with the world around them. In addition to entertainment, games are increasingly used for other purposes such as education or health. Despite this increased interest, a significant number of(More)
Whereas outdoor navigation systems typically rely upon GPS, indoor systems have to rely upon different techniques for localizing the user, as GPS signals cannot be received indoors. Over the past decade various indoor navigation systems have been developed. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of existing indoor navigation systems and analyzes the(More)
Over the years the software engineering community has increasingly realized the important role software architecture plays in fulfilling the quality requirements of a system. Practice shows that for current software systems, most usability issues are still only detected during testing and deployment. To improve the usability of a software system, usability(More)
Gesture-based interaction adds a new level of immersion to video games, but players who are blind are unable to play them as games use visual cues to indicate what gesture to provide and when. Though visual cues can be substituted with audio or haptic cues, this often requires access to the source code, which is not attainable for commercial games. We(More)
Proprioception --the human ability to sense the orientation of limbs without vision or hearing-- is one of the main drivers of motor operations and plays a significant role in input modalities such as touch and gestures. As an output modality proprioception has remained largely unexplored --though it can convey information to a user using their own body.(More)
1. Habitat selection models usually assume that the spatial distributions of animals depend positively on the distributions of resources and negatively on interference. However, the presence of conspecifics at a given location also signals safety and the availability of resources. This may induce followers to select contiguous patches and causes animals to(More)