Eelco van den Berg

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Sparco is a framework for testing and benchmarking algorithms for sparse reconstruction. It includes a large collection of sparse reconstruction problems drawn from the imaging, compressed sensing, and geophysics literature. Sparco is also a framework for implementing new test problems and can be used as a tool for reproducible research. Sparco is(More)
Collaborative modeling systems are distributed multiple-user systems that are both concurrent and synchronized, aimed at supporting engineering teams in coordinating their modeling activities. During a collaborative modeling session, several users are connected to each other in order to perform activities, such as design, manufacturing planning or(More)
Freeform feature modeling is an extension to feature modeling in which, in addition to regular-shaped features, also freeform features are possible. Due to the large variety of freeform features, a generic approach to specify such features is required. This paper describes such an approach. A freeform feature class is specified by using a prototype and(More)
In freeform feature modeling, the shape domain of current feature modeling systems is extended with freeform shapes. A challenging task in this context is to develop a method for constructing a feature model in an intuitive, yet unambiguous manner, comparable to the construction methods for regularshaped feature models. This paper describes a framework in(More)
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