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An experiment was done to study whether estimation of the herd infection level, by assessing Ostertagia antibodies in bulk milk samples can serve to predict the effect of anthelmintic treatment on milk production. Bulk milk samples were collected from 134 farms at monthly intervals on three occasions prior to the start of the study. The ELISA titres to(More)
In two experiments, groups of calves which had been exposed to different levels and patterns of infection with Ostertagia and Cooperia spp. in a simulated first grazing season (FGS), were followed throughout a natural second grazing season (SGS). Milk yields in the subsequent first lactation period were also recorded. The results suggest that although there(More)
This research presents an analytical technology for highly efficient, high-resolution, and high-yield fractionation of compounds after gas chromatography (GC) separations. The technology is straightforward, does not require sophisticated cold traps or adsorbent traps, and allows collecting large numbers of fractions during a GC run. The technology is based(More)
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