Eelaf El Hassan

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Mucosal barrier disorders play an important role in the pathomechanism of the allergic disease. A new approach for their treatment uses liposomes, which consist of phospholipids that make up 75% of the protective nasal surfactant layer. Our aim was to investigate the efficacy of liposomal-based therapy, as a comprehensive treatment alternative to guideline(More)
Sublingual application of allergen extracts in specific immunotherapy is a modern approach aimed at improving patient treatment acceptance through reduced serious side effects. This therapeutic approach has proven to be efficacious and safe for the treatment of allergies caused by airborne allergens: 1) studies have shown a rapid onset of action, as early(More)
Blood analysis proved no significant findings, though cases of neutrophilia and leukopenia were detected. Conclusions: Limited resources, restricted participation from all the possible H1N1VI patients, thus biasing results due to small sample size; however, the obtained data is consistent with existing reports, nevertheless the information is not enough to(More)
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