Eef J. Hendriks

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BACKGROUND Intraoperative brain stimulation mapping reduces permanent postoperative deficits and extends tumor removal in resective surgery for glioma patients. Successful functional mapping is assumed to depend on the surgical team's expertise. In this study, glioma resection results are quantified and compared using a novel approach, so-called resection(More)
Gaucher disease (GD) is caused by deficiency of the enzyme glucocerebrosidase catalysing the regular lysosomal degradation of glucosylceramide. In the common non-neuropathic variant of GD, glucosylceramide-laden macrophages (Gaucher cells) accumulate in various tissues. Gaucher cells secrete chitotriosidase, an active chitinase, resulting in increased(More)
OBJECTIVE In one third of patients, seizures remain after epilepsy surgery, meaning that improved preoperative evaluation methods are needed to identify the epileptogenic zone. A potential framework for such a method is network theory, as it can be applied to noninvasive recordings, even in the absence of epileptiform activity. Our aim was to identify the(More)
Since all doctors at some point in their career will be faced with their role as a teacher, it appears desirable that future doctors are educated in didactic skills. At present, however, there are no formal opportunities for developing didactic skills at the majority of Dutch medical faculties. The main question of this study is: How do medical interns(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of standardized platelet-rich plasma (PRP) concentrates from 10 human donors on cellular behavior. The standardized PRPs used were fivefold average and fivefold maximum baseline values in whole blood. Both these standardized PRPs were characterized by determining platelet numbers and subsequently growth(More)
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