Ee Ling Low

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Singapore English (SE) and British English (BE) have been claimed to differ in lexical stress placement. Examples frequently cited in the literature involve polysyllabic words such as hopelessly and compounds such as blackboard. Such words are stressed word-initially in BE, but are said to be stressed word-finally in SE. In the present paper, we investigate(More)
The subtle juncture cues in older varieties of English such as Received Pronunciation can be difficult for speakers of new English varieties to perceive. This study looks at the perception of word juncture characteristics in three varieties of English (British, Hong Kong and Singapore) amongst British, Hong Kong and Singaporean listeners in order to widen(More)
In today’s world, teaching and learning processes inevitably involve the application of information and communication technology (ICT). It seems reasonable to expect personal attributes such as cognitive playfulness to be associated with consistent application of ICT. Using survey responses from Singapore students in a teacher education programme (n = 450),(More)
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