Edzard Edzard Ernst

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BACKGROUND Complementary/alternative cancer treatments are believed to be prevalent. However, reliable prevalence rates do not exist. The aim of this review was to summarize the existing data on this topic. METHODS A series of computerized literature searches was performed to locate all published studies documenting the prevalence of complementary and/or(More)
  • E Ernst
  • Bulletin of the World Health Organization
  • 2000
Reported are the results of a systematic review of the prevalence of use of complementary/alternative medicine. Computerized literature searches were carried out in four databases. Twelve surveys thus found were selected because they dealt with the utilization of complementary/alternative medicine in random or representative samples of the general(More)
BACKGROUND Semen analysis is part of the routine assessment of infertile couples. WHO defines a sperm concentration above 20x10(6) per mL seminal fluid as normal. We studied the association between semen quality and the probability of conception in a single menstrual cycle in Danish couples with no previous reproductive experience. METHODS In 1992-94, we(More)
Because use of herbal remedies is increasing, a risk-benefit profile of commonly used herbs is needed. This article provides a clinically oriented overview of the efficacy and safety of ginkgo, St. John's wort, ginseng, echinacea, saw palmetto, and kava. Wherever possible, assessments are based on systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials.(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the possibility that fibrinogen represents a cardiovascular risk factor. DATA IDENTIFICATION A computerized literature search (1980 to 1992) identified all published epidemiologic studies on fibrinogen and cardiovascular disease. Clinical and basic research data were found by separate searches. References of all papers thus obtained(More)
The predictive value of sperm motility parameters obtained by computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) was evaluated for the fertility of men from general population. In a prospective study with couples stopping use of contraception in order to try to conceive, CASA was performed on semen samples from 358 men. A recently developed CASA system, Copenhagen(More)
Acute respiratory infections represent a significant cause of over-prescription of antibiotics and are one of the major reasons for absence from work. The leaves of Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Wall ex Nees (Acanthaceae) are used as a medicinal herb in the treatment of infectious diseases. Systematic literature searches were conducted in six(More)
BACKGROUND Throughout history, doctor-patient relationships have been acknowledged as having an important therapeutic effect, irrespective of any prescribed drug or treatment. We did a systematic review to determine whether there was any empirical evidence to support this theory. METHODS A comprehensive search strategy was developed to include 11 medical,(More)
For clinical trials of acupuncture, it would be desirable to have a sham procedure that is indistinguishable from the real treatment, yet inactive. A sham needle has been designed which telescopes instead of penetrating the skin. The Park Sham Device involves an improved method of supporting the sham needle and requires validation. The objective of these(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the ovarian function after treatment of a malignant disease in women who previously had cortical tissue from an entire ovary cryopreserved prior to chemotherapy, and to assess ovarian function after autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue. All were treated with chemotherapeutic drugs with an(More)