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BACKGROUND Numerous studies have shown that baseline drug resistance patterns may influence the outcome of antiretroviral therapy. Therefore, guidelines recommend drug resistance testing to guide the choice of initial regimen. In addition to optimizing individual patient management, these baseline resistance data enable transmitted drug resistance (TDR) to(More)
New sets of parameters (maps) for calculating amide I vibrational spectra for proteins through a vibrational exciton model are proposed. The maps are calculated as a function of electric field and van der Waals forces on the atoms of peptide bonds, taking into account the full interaction between peptide bonds and the surrounding environment. The maps are(More)
The propensity of peptides to form α-helices has been intensely studied using theory, computation, and experiment. Important model peptides for the study of the coil-to-helix transition have been alanine-lysine (AKA) peptides in which the lysine residues are placed on opposite sides of the helix avoiding charge repulsion while enhancing solubility. In this(More)
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